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No one wants to get old. Most importantly no one wants to look or feel old. Although we can’t stop the clock and prevent getting older, new scientific discoveries reveal that we can actually prevent looking and feeling older as we age and reverse the signs and symptoms of aging.

About 40 years ago, there was a remarkable molecule discovered that today is recognized as the “holy grail” in aging research. This molecule is called nitric oxide. Our bodies naturally produce this amazing molecule but as we age we lose the ability to produce enough Nitric Oxide (NO). Unfortunately, many people have never heard of this molecule and don’t know there are ways to increase NO in and on the surface of the skin.

In the 40 years since its discovery, there are over 170,000 scientific publications on nitric oxide making it one of the most studied molecules in the history of science. Scientists around the globe recognize how important this molecule is for the aging process. These discoveries were recognized as so important, a Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientists responsible for its discovery in 1998.

The science reveals that if your body makes sufficient nitric oxide, your body is healthy, all tissues and organs can self-regulate, regenerate, heal from injury and insult and continue to do their jobs. To the contrary, if your body cannot produce or generate sufficient nitric oxide, then these cells and tissue begin to fail. The cells of the dermis (skin) begin to show loss of function which includes poor complexion, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of hydration and saggy droopy skin. In other words, you begin to look old and nobody wants to do that. As we age, we gradually lose our ability to produce nitric oxide, actually about 10-12% per decade so by the time we hit our 40s and 50s we have only about 50% of the required nitric oxide we had when we were younger. You can certainly tell the difference in the appearance of a 40-50 year old vs a 20-30 year old. People who smoke, have a poor diet, don’t get enough exercise, lose their nitric oxide much faster and as a result age much faster.

But there is good news, the scientific literature also reveals that if you restore nitric oxide, it may be possible to reverse the signs of aging.

Pneuma nitric oxide activating serum is a revolutionary that skincare product that restores nitric oxide. So if your body has lost its ability to make nitric oxide, Pneuma nitric oxide does it for you. And you can see the results right before your eyes. Although Pneuma hasn’t yet figured out how to stop you from getting older, they have figured out how to stop you from looking older.