Senior woman applying anti-wrinkles cream

Why do I get wrinkles on my face as I get older?

Aging is an extremely complex process that affects the entire body. Recent scientific breakthroughs have shed light on this process and identified one of the primary factors in aging. It’s called Nitric Oxide. Naturally produced by the human body, Nitric Oxide (N1O1) has been scientifically proven as a major contributor to aging. As we age, we gradually lose our ability to produce Nitric Oxide. In fact, by age 40, we lose as much as 50% of our ability to produce this essential molecule. The consequences are loss of circulation, oxygen, and nutrient delivery; all vital for the health of the cells of the dermis. As a result, these cells become dysfunctional and can no longer do their job. The visual consequences are loss of complexion, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of hydration and collagen, all of which lead to wrinkles and aging of the skin.

The Science of Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules produced in our body. It regulates blood flow, circulation, oxygen delivery, immune function, inflammation and a host of other very important biological events. Without Nitric Oxide, our body fails. In fact, loss of nitric oxide production is now recognized as the earliest event in the aging process. The scientific literature tells us that if we replace the loss of Nitric Oxide production, we restore the circulation and nutrient flow to the skin. This will prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. It is essential to first understand this complex process to create skincare products with scientifically proven results and true anti-aging properties.

Pneuma Nitric Oxide, developed by Dr. Nathan Bryan, Ph.D, is based on twenty years of research and development. Pneuma is a revolutionary skincare product that restores the loss of nitric oxide production. Pneuma Nitric Oxide Activating Skincare Serum does what no other skincare product does… It delivers and generates nitric oxide directly on the skin when applied. Your skin will turn a slight pink as the nutrients and oxygen revitalize your cells. This improves complexion and within a couple of days of continued use, the skin glows and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Pneuma is restorative; achieving lasting results like no other skincare product on the market.

There is an abundance of skincare products promising to make you look and feel younger. In fact, the annual spend on anti-aging products is expected to exceed more than $271.0 billion worldwide by 2024. Yet, many of these skincare products provide only minimal and temporary improvement and none address the root cause of skin aging.

Pneuma Nitric Oxide represents a revolutionary alternative to “anti-aging” products and is disrupting the multi-billion skincare industry.