Shipping and Coupons

When will I receive my order?

We offer USPS Priority, USPS Ground Advantage, FedEx and DHL.  Most packages delivering to addresses in the US arrive in 3-4 days from shipping depending on which option you choose when ordering.

“Free Shipping” options for US shipping only typically go by USPS Ground Advantage.

An email with tracking for your order is sent when the shipping label is created.  If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder and add the email address to your safe sender list. 

Packages are shipped the same day if the order is received by noon Central Time Zone, as long as there are no issues with the address information provided.

What is my tracking number?

An email with your tracking number goes to the email address on the order as soon as the shipping label is printed.   The tracking may not update for 24 or so hours after the label is printed.

If you do not see the tracking email, please check your spam/junk folder.  Please add that email address to your safe sender list for future emails from us. receipt.

My coupon code doesn’t work.

Our discount codes are not case sensitive so make sure you are spelling the code correctly.  Type the code in the “coupon code” box on the cart page and hit the “apply coupon” button. 

If the coupon offers free US shipping be sure to select “Free Shipping”.  

Most discount codes DO NOT APPLY to the bundles or Dyno Duo products as they are already discounted.  Discount codes do not apply to orders placed on subscription as those are already discounted as well.

The Science

What is the difference between the lozenges and Beetz?

Our Nitric Oxide Lozenges provide a sustained release of nitric oxide – which can provide a long-term restorative benefit.  This can result in systemic support with continued use. 

Our N.O. Beetz powder provides an episodic delivery of nitric oxide to the body, which once it is burned through the body, is expelled and gone from your system.  This episodic delivery is great for pre-workout use, or any time you need a boost of energy and clarity. 

One product does not preclude the other…you’ll want to take the lozenges twice daily as an ongoing remedy for decreased nitric oxide production, and the beet powder for a more instant delivery of nitric oxide.

Why do the lozenges make my mouth sore?

You may be experiencing an irritation from the vitamin C in the lozenge.  You can chew the lozenge followed by 5-6 ounces of water and this should alleviate the irritation.  You will still receive the same benefits from the nitric oxide production.

Does your N.O. Beetz contain oxalates?

No – our N.O. Beetz product has no measurable oxalates.  Both beet greens and beetroot have high levels of oxalates, which have been linked to kidney stones.  Our N.O. Beetz product has been formulated to remove the color, smell, and taste of beets – so perfectly safe for anyone who may have experienced issues with kidney stones in the past.

Why do you have maltodextrin in the Lozenges?

A very small amount of Maltodextrin is used in the formulation of our Lozenges and is necessary to aid in the success of our product.

My skin turns pink - is this normal?

You may experience a “pink glow” after applying our Nitric Oxide Skin Serum.  This is due to the increased blood flow and oxygen to the surface of the skin.  This is not harmful, and may not happen each time you apply the serum.

How is this different from other skin serums?

Our serum is the only product on the market that generates nitric oxide on the surface of the skin.  There literally is no other product like this serum!

Can I use N1o1 Serum with my other products?

Yes, using our N1o1 Skin Serum on cleansed, dry skin, before using other products, will elevate the results you have with any other skin care product you may use.  

Product Questions

How often should I take the lozenge?

The suggested dosage is 1 lozenge twice daily spaced approximately 12 hours apart.  We suggest taking on an empty stomach for optimal results.  But if you forget – take the lozenge anyway!  Nitric oxide gas will still be created and you will still receive the benefit.

How do I use the skin care products?

Step 1:  Apply the cleanser to your skin, cleanse the skin, rinse and dry.
Step 2:  Mix one pump from each chamber of the Serum in the palm of your hand. Apply to dry skin allowing serum to dry completely.  (typically about 60-90 seconds)
Step 3:  Apply the Face Cream to your skin once the Serum is completely dry.
Step 4:  Apply Eye Cream to the soft tissue around the eye area.

Can I take your Lozenges with Cialis (or any of the generic named similar products)?

Yes, Cialis and other similar products need oxygen to work.  Our Nitric Oxide lozenges can increase blood flow, and oxygen delivery, which enables those products to work more effectively.

Can I use retinol with your serum?

Yes, you would apply our Nitric Oxide Skin Serum first, on clean dry skin, and then apply your other products.

Will your Lozenges help with Sleep Apnea?

Increased blood flow and increased oxygen flow may aid in better sleep.

How can we assess if this is safe for cardiomyopathy, heart failure patients? Do certain tests have to be done first?

We recommend you always consult with your physician on the addition of any new supplements.  Nitric oxide is very important for heart health – both in the perfusion of the coronary arteries and in mitigating inflammation from cardiomyopathy.  We recommend getting baseline labs and tests such as BNP, markers of inflammation, and cardiac output on any patient starting any new drug or supplement regimen so we can determine if there is any effect both positive and negative.  We have not experienced nor do we expect any adverse events or negative side effects from nitric oxide.

Why don’t you sell the test strips?

Through research and ongoing testing, Dr. Bryan has learned the test strips are not always accurate.  They may give a false positive causing one to think they do not need to supplement with nitric oxide.  We rely primarily on symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, ED, cognitive disorders, insulin resistance, exercise intolerance, etc.

Pet Questions

Is the Lozenge safe for dogs? If so, what frequency is recommended?

Yes, small dogs can take 1/2 lozenge and larger dogs can take a whole lozenge.

Is the Beetz powder safe for dogs? If so, what frequency is recommended?

Yes, you can sprinkle the Beetz powder on their food.

What real n1o1 users are Saying...

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