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What Causes Clogged Pores?

What Causes Clogged Pores?

Do you get breakouts that don’t ever seem to go away? Have you tried everything and for some reason you can’t get rid of a few blackheads or whiteheads? Clogged pores might be the reason your skin hasn’t been able to breathe. But what are the pores clogged with? And...

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We are living in a world of incredible innovations in science and technology that improve the lives of the billions of people on our planet. One such technological innovation comes in the form of a topical nitric oxide serum for use in skincare and beauty, Pneuma...

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No one wants to get old. Most importantly no one wants to look or feel old. Although we can’t stop the clock and prevent getting older, new scientific discoveries reveal that we can actually prevent looking and feeling older as we age and reverse the signs and...

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What real n1o1 users are Saying...

Michelle W., 49

My skin was dry, aging, lifeless, kind of dull. I needed to rejuvenate my skin but needed something simple, no deep regimens. My age spots diminished, so did the wrinkles around my mouth and smile lines, my skin plumped up. I felt it was working the minute I put it on. I felt a little bit of heat, which dissipated, and I felt it plumping my skin. My pores diminished, my makeup goes on smoother, my skin is brighter, rejuvenated, less fine lines, and wrinkles.

Cheyenne A., 19

I’m ecstatic. I can show everyone my face. Look at me now. I’m a new person.

Teneisha A.

She struggled in high school. We tried everything and went to a few different doctors but none of it worked. A friend reached out about N1o1. We tried everything else, why not. In the first week, I noticed a difference; her skin got tighter, the pores got smaller, and the oiliness dried up. As she continued to use it, the better it got. The blemishes were lightening up and the clusters of blemishes got smaller.

Suzanne S., 57

My skin overall has a better texture and a healthier glow. I have never been very consistent with my beauty routine due to my busy schedule, but the results from Pneuma Nitric Oxide have inspired me to use the product regularly. I don’t want to stop using this product. It is the one beauty product I won’t skip.

Gia A., 45

I am using Pneuma currently, so that's how I know about it.  It is simply the most transformative skincare product I've ever used!

Lora A, Dragon Tree Therapeutic, LLC

I'm a FMR esthetician and as such come across countless skincare products. But a product, a compound that actually primes your skin? Now that's genius! Pneuma serum is truly a game-changer. A must-have weapon in the war on aging skin.

Robert M., 49

Being a guy, I don't like using products that have a strong fragrance. Pneuma has very little. I get shaving burn daily. Pneuma helped soothe my irritated skin and gave me an airbrushed complexion. I'd recommend it to any guy who just wants to look better

Laurie H., Owner & Co-Director, Facial Rejuvenation Center

Pneuma Nitric Oxide makes aging less daunting because now when I look in the mirror...I see radiance
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