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Leading the Way with Nitric Oxide

What makes our products different from all the other nitric oxide products on the market?  Well, our products actually produce and generate nitric oxide gas. Nitric oxide is a gas that is naturally produced in the body. Once produced, it is gone in less than a second. With more than 20 years of research and discoveries, Dr. Bryan has realized four fundamental understandings of nitric oxide.

Leadership in Internal Health through Nitric Oxide

  • We know how the human body produces nitric oxide
  • We understand what goes wrong with people who lose the ability to produce nitric oxide.
  • We recognize the clinical symptoms that develop as a result of insufficient nitric oxide production
  • Bryan discovered how to restore and produce nitric oxide in the human body. Dr. Bryan was the first and still the only person who created a solid dose form of a bioactive nitric oxide gas.

Simply giving substrates or precursors to people will not lead to any appreciable nitric oxide production.  That is what all other nitric oxide products deliver. They give your body pre-cursors or substrates that the body is unable to convert to nitric oxide.  That is the reason each person is nitric oxide deficient.

Our product technology does two things.

  • If your body cannot produce nitric oxide, our products do it for you.  All of our products produce nitric oxide that we can detect, verify and quantify.
  • We fix the reason your body cannot produce nitric oxide. We re-couple the nitric oxide synthase enzyme so it is able to produce nitric oxide in the lining of the blood vessels.  We restore the proper oral bacteria so your body is able to utilize nitrate from your diet to produce nitric oxide.

Transforming Skin Care with Nitric Oxide

Our nitric oxide lozenge is an orally disintegrating tablet that is designed to fully dissolve over 5-6 minutes.  As it is dissolving in your mouth, it is releasing nitric oxide gas.  The nitric oxide it is producing is bioactive.  It will dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation and improve normal cell signaling.  The nitric oxide releasing effects of the lozenge are not dependent on the presence of the right oral bacteria.  The lozenge is not dependent upon stomach acid production.  If you use mouthwash or use antacids, the lozenge will still produce nitric oxide for you.

Our NO Beetz powder is pre-converted beet powder that is not dependent upon the activity of the oral nitrate reducing bacteria.  Once you dissolve the powder in water, it immediately starts producing nitric oxide gas.  It is meant to be taken immediately upon dissolving in water.  Once ingested, it continues to produce nitric oxide.  We also add electrolytes to improve cellular hydration and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that provides the energy currency of the cell.

Our dual chamber nitric oxide generating serum is the first and only nitric oxide skin care/beauty product on the market.  Most skin care products are designed to hide or mask the blemishes, the fine lines and wrinkles and the age spots.  Our nitric oxide serum gets to the root of aging skin, the loss of blood flow.  Just like any other organ, without sufficient circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients, the skin fails.  It loses collagen, it loses hydration, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear along with age spots and acne.  When you apply our serum to the skin, you can actually see it working right before your eyes.  The skin

So, what makes our products different?  Everything.
We provide a bioactive source of nitric oxide that no other product or company provides.






Dr. Nathan S. Bryan – A Global Leader in Nitric Oxide Research

Dr. Nathan S. Bryan’s globally recognized expertise places us at the pinnacle of nitric oxide research.

A Legacy of Research & Innovation: Dr. Bryan’s groundbreaking research has established us as the thought leaders in understanding nitric oxide’s role.

Clinical Studies That Lead the Industry: Our clinical studies, under Dr. Bryan’s guidance, stand as undeniable proof of the efficacy of our nitric oxide products.

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